Please introduce yourself. What do you do? Why do you do it?

Considered one of The Valley’s most knowledgeable real estate professionals with expertise in commercial and residential property investment, Scott Gorelick believes every transaction is a human-centered one, and every house should be a real home.

During his more than 30 years of experience and 25 years of licensure, Scott has managed over 700 transactions totaling more than $2 billion. He wants the best for his clients, and he’s driven to find properties and investments that nurture and inspire.

Scott earned his license in New York as he was entering into his freshman year of college, and he worked in commercial real estate on the East Coast during the summers.

A few years after graduating from the University of Michigan, he became a mortgage broker; his familiarity with loan products and the application process makes him an invaluable advisor on financing options. An avid fan of Southern California architecture, Scott relocated to Los Angeles in 2004 in order to participate in its diverse, dynamic market.

Scott Gorelick

House hunting, or “treasure hunting,” as he calls it, is Scott’s passion, and working with buyers is his particular joy. His mother was an interior designer, so he grew up learning the tools of the trade and views every property with a designer’s eye. His personalized customer service and dedication to meeting client needs are why so many happy homebuyers give him five stars for service.

Scott is also a real estate developer who enjoys helping clients find sound investment opportunities, a skill he began learning at an early age from his father.

With a complex regulatory and legal landscape in Los Angeles, Scott’s knowledge of property rules, entitlements, and designations make him a reliable guide for investors and developers. He has a reputation for transforming complicated information into actionable steps, and he takes pride in seamlessly managing every detail of a transaction.

Outside of real estate, Scott loves to travel, collect art, admire architecture, and be with his wife, television personality Adrianna Costa, and their two children, Gibson and Sonnet. Scott and his family are active in their community:

They’re the ambassador family for March of Dimes, they participate annually in beach cleanups, and they feed families in need on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Scott is adamant that everyone should have a home, and he works to alleviate homelessness however he can.

Whether he’s managing a multimillion-dollar deal or giving back, Scott is a caring partner who understands where people are coming from and loves getting them where they want to go.

What qualities make you different and unique from everyone else in the industry?

I opened my own brokerage and am now building an income portfolio for the agents and it will be owned by the agents. I am also developing the most expensive homes in The San Fernando Valley, slated to cone out at $48.8mm and $36mm. The highest sale ever was $30mm.

I want to build a portfolio for the agents because no one is looking out for agents’ retirements and no one is creating a platform or a product for them to invest towards their retirement. I am. I have 26 years of licensed experience in Michigan, New York, and California.

I have worked in all positions of real estate from commercial and residential brokerage to commercial and residential financing to commercial and residential development.

So, now I am going to leverage all of the skillsets I spent 26 years perfecting and offer this to my agents so that we can all do something incredible and different than the traditional brokerage model which I consider to be broken.

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome? Who were the people in your corner that supported you and contributed to your breakthrough?

Staying in the same space long enough. As a serial entrepreneur, I am constantly chasing my dreams and trying new ideas and opportunities.

What is the BEST advice you can give your 18-year-old self? 

Always bet on yourself. If you stick to something long enough you will become an expert.

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