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Chandler David Smith’s 15-Unit Apartment Complex: A Cash Flow Analysis


In this article, we will be discussing Chandler David Smith’s 15-unit apartment complex and conducting a cash flow analysis of this investment opportunity. We will delve into Chandler’s real estate portfolio, his relationship with the seller, the due diligence process and negotiations involved in acquiring the property, as well as the financing terms. Additionally, we will provide a breakdown of the numbers and returns associated with this investment, including current rents and expenses, cash on cash return, and cap rate. We will explore the potential for higher rents, instant equity, and future sale. Lastly, we will examine the benefits of real estate investing, such as principal paydown and the overall advantages it presents to investors.

Chandler David Smith’s Real Estate Portfolio

Chandler David Smith has an impressive real estate portfolio, with successful deals under his belt. This 15-unit apartment complex adds to his already notable track record. His experience and knowledge in the real estate industry position him well to make informed decisions and maximize returns on his investments. Throughout his career, Chandler has accumulated valuable insights and learned important lessons, which contribute to his success as a real estate investor.

Chandler David Smith’s Relationship with the Seller

Chandler David Smith’s relationship with the seller of this 15-unit apartment complex is an interesting aspect of this investment. The background story of their connection showcases the competitive nature of the real estate market and the importance of networking and building connections. Chandler’s ability to foster relationships and establish rapport played a significant role in securing this deal. This highlights the significance of personal connections and the positive impact they can have on real estate transactions.

Due Diligence and Negotiations

Before moving forward with the acquisition of the apartment complex, due diligence was conducted to identify any potential issues that might affect the value and profitability of the property. The due diligence process uncovered issues with the roofs, pavement, and some of the units. Chandler David Smith and his team carefully analyzed these issues to determine the necessary resolutions and estimate the associated costs. Negotiations with the seller were subsequently conducted, taking into consideration the identified issues and the desired outcome of both parties. This stage of the process emphasized the importance of thorough due diligence and effective negotiation skills in real estate investing.

Financing Terms

In order to fund the acquisition of the 15-unit apartment complex, Chandler David Smith obtained favorable financing terms. These terms included a low interest rate and a reduced down payment, which significantly reduced the upfront costs associated with the investment. The benefits of obtaining such favorable financing terms in real estate investing cannot be overstated, as they directly impact the overall return on investment and cash flow.

Breakdown of Numbers and Returns

To gain a comprehensive understanding of the investment, it is important to analyze the numbers associated with the 15-unit apartment complex. Chandler David Smith’s analysis includes an overview of the property’s cash flow, appreciation, and principal paydown. This comprehensive breakdown unravels the potential returns and showcases the viability of this investment opportunity. Interested investors can access an Excel sheet or app provided by Chandler for property analysis, allowing them to perform their own evaluations and make informed decisions.

Current Rents and Expenses

Understanding the current rents and expenses associated with the 15-unit apartment complex is crucial in assessing its cash flow potential. Chandler David Smith provides insights into the range of current rents on the property, the average rents, and the total gross rent per month. In addition, he breaks down the various expenses that need to be considered, including vacancy, maintenance, and management fees. He also highlights the insurance and tax benefits of the property’s location in Idaho, which contribute to its overall profitability.

Cash on Cash Return and Cap Rate

When evaluating investment opportunities, calculating the cash on cash return and cap rate is essential. Chandler David Smith walks us through the calculation and explanation of the cash on cash return for the 15-unit apartment complex. He also provides an overview of the property’s cap rate, another important metric for real estate investors. By evaluating the current cash flow and return on investment, investors can gauge the profitability of this investment and make informed decisions.

Potential for Higher Rents

One aspect that makes Chandler David Smith’s 15-unit apartment complex an attractive investment is the potential for higher rents. Given the current demand in the market and the property’s prime location, there is room for rental increases in the future. Chandler shares his insights on this potential, providing investors with an additional opportunity for increased cash flow and returns.

Instant Equity and Future Sale

Chandler David Smith has formulated a strategy to gain $700,000 in equity instantly with this investment. By leveraging the favorable financing terms and the property’s potential for higher rents, he plans to significantly increase the value of the apartment complex. This instant equity not only strengthens his position as an investor but also allows for future sales at a higher price point, thereby increasing the overall returns on this investment.

Principal Paydown and Benefits of Real Estate Investing

One significant advantage of real estate investing is the principal paydown that occurs over time. Chandler David Smith emphasizes this benefit, explaining how tenants paying rent contribute to the mortgage and ultimately pay down the principal loan amount. This process builds equity and increases the investor’s net worth. Real estate investing, therefore, provides a unique opportunity for wealth accumulation and financial security.

Chandler David Smiths 15-Unit Apartment Complex: A Cash Flow Analysis

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In conclusion, Chandler David Smith’s 15-unit apartment complex presents a lucrative investment opportunity. Through a comprehensive cash flow analysis, we have explored the various aspects that make this investment attractive. Chandler’s real estate portfolio, relationships with the seller, due diligence and negotiation process, favorable financing terms, breakdown of numbers and returns, current rents and expenses, cash on cash return, potential for higher rents, instant equity, and principal paydown are all factors to consider when evaluating this investment. Real estate investing, as Chandler David Smith exemplifies, offers numerous benefits and opportunities for investors to achieve financial success and security.

Chandler David Smiths 15-Unit Apartment Complex: A Cash Flow Analysis

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